NSW Rural Fire Service


Your Health Matters: workplace health and wellbeing program


Client:  NSW Rural Fire Service

Project duration:  12 months

Project description:

NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has a diverse membership of over 900 staff and 73,000 volunteers in various roles and locations across NSW.

Your Health Matters is an organisation-wide health and wellbeing program designed to reduce members’ health risks and promote a culture that values and supports the health and wellbeing of all members, allowing them to safely perform their roles.

ZEST worked with NSW RFS to develop a number of strategic planning documents, comprehensive communications and change management strategies and a monitoring and evaluation plan to support and promote member engagement with Your Health Matters.

Key achievements included the development of:

  • An evidence-based five-year strategic framework and implementation plan to effectively support the roll-out of health and fitness activities and information that will be accessible by all members
  • An overall program identity, including look and feel, campaign brand and logo
  • A wide range of engaging campaign materials (posters, articles, flyers and social media materials) to promote members’ awareness of the program and participation in activities
  • A monitoring and evaluation plan to track progress, measure achievements and inform continuous quality improvement.






Project team:  Kathryn Dinh  |  Emma Cadman   |  Neal Thompson

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