Modifiable lifestyle behaviours and cancer risk

Scoping project: strategic recommendations report


Client: Cancer Institute NSW

Project duration: 6 months

In 2017, ZEST Health Strategies was engaged by the Cancer Institute NSW (‘the Institute’) to undertake a Lifestyle Scoping Project to identify possible future areas of focus within primary prevention where the Institute can most effectively contribute to reducing cancer risk from modifiable lifestyle behaviours (namely physical activity, healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight, and alcohol consumption).

The project methodology included an environmental scan of published and grey literature from the past five years (including policy documents, frameworks, strategies and programs) to identify and gather information about the external operating environment for healthy lifestyle behaviour initiatives, both in NSW and nationally (where there was relevance to NSW).

Stakeholder consultation was also undertaken with a total 74 individuals from 63 organisations/ government departments to understand the current state of activities, gaps and future opportunities for the Institute to improve modifiable lifestyle behaviours to reduce cancer risk.

Key findings from the environmental scan and stakeholder consultations were synthesised to inform strategic recommendations for the Institute.


Project team:  Sue Sinclair  | Rob Sutherland   |  Stephanie Dick

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