Website Design & Build


Client:  Beyond Five

Project duration:  24 months

Project description:

Each year over half a million Australians are diagnosed with head and neck cancers. Beyond Five is the first national website to meet the diverse needs of people affected by head and neck cancer. 

ZEST Health Strategies worked with Beyond Five, a non-profit organisation which supports people affected by head and neck cancer, to develop offers a user-friendly information hub on head and neck cancers. It was developed with a multidisciplinary expert group of clinicians, researchers and scientific writers with rigorous review by leading national head and neck cancer experts.

The website uses videos, animations, illustrations and an interactive Quick Reference Guide to allow patients, carers and health professionals to easily digest information that is relevant and important to them.


Project team:  Sue Sinclair  |  Anita Dessaix  |  Emma Cadman

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